So this week I envisaged to go on a movie rampage and the ones here I have to offer to you in a so-called-film-review-format include- Croods, Aashique2, Nautanki Saala (btw seen twice), Scary Movie 5 and of course Ek Thi Daayaan. Though these are not in the chronological order of how I watched them, but nonetheless they will be listed below as per the order I actually watched.
So here I go…
It started with Nautanki Saala which I saw in Lucknow, then again in Delhi [in the days between Ek Thi Daayan and Croods].
BUt then again there was Ek Thi Daayan and in a gap of next 10 minutes I saw Scary Movie 5.
The next day was Croods and after that followed Aashique2. Next I am going to watch Iron Man 3, which will follow tomorrow
So logically lets start with Nautanki Saala…
and for that goes the next post


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